CHS Hedge Line

Do you have the ready funds to seize the next market opportunity?

Adequate margin call funds can mean the difference between making the most of a market opportunity and being left with only pocket change.

No one understands how critical timing is to marketing your crop than we do. In addition to providing a variety of hedging tools, we know that having ready cash for margin calls can be a major barrier at certain times of the year.

We have an answer for that: Hedge Line.

Hedge Line is a special program offered to pre-qualified customers giving them access to additional capital for hedging without affecting their current operating lines of credit. Under the program, Hedge Line transfers funds seamlessly between the lender, CHS Capital, and CHS Hedging at the time funds are needed for margin calls. Such convenience in funding a CHS Hedging account means increased opportunities to use all the risk management tools available today, including futures and options, to market your commodities.

Hear from one North Dakota farmer about his experience with Hedge Line

Hedge Line is brought to you by respected experts in commodity risk management: CHS Capital and CHS Hedging, both subsidiaries of CHS Inc., a leading global agribusiness owned by farmers, ranchers and cooperatives across the United States.

Our Hedge Line Partner:
CHS Capital provides financial solutions to make it easier for agricultural producers, cooperatives and commercial businesses to succeed. With a deep understanding of its customers' businesses and agricultural lending delivered through its unique distribution system of Country Business Partners, CHS Capital delivers competitive financing packages for commercial and production agriculture. Lending teams work closely with customers, helping them truly see what’s possible.

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