Crop Nutrient Risk Management

Actionable advice for volatile fertilizer markets

The CHS Hedging Crop Nutrient Risk Management Program delivers customized consultation for crop nutrient dealers and retailers with special emphasis on inventory and risk transfer strategies.  Its portfolio management approach can help both agri-businesses and their growers manage risk and improve profitability.

Participants in this individualized program, tailored specifically for crop nutrient businesses, find actionable insights and advice from day one.  The hands-on consulting contract has a volume-based fee - typically less than a dollar a ton on an annualized basis for dealers selling 50,000 tons or more per year.  The resulting insight guides participants toward making the right decisions for the right reasons.

Market intelligence is what makes this program valuable for crop nutrient dealers, including:

  • Inventory and risk transfer strategies
  • Emphasis on the importance of price risk management and daily position reports (DPR)
  • Daily communication on fundamental and technical commodity market analysis
  • Access to swap markets trading
  • Advisory partner that becomes part of your on-the-ground risk management team
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