Energy Risk Management

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Actionable insights for managing energy risk

Our Energy Risk Management Program puts dedicated energy market expertise to work for commercial energy businesses. Our specialized energy team brings you expert market intelligence, proven commodity price risk management programs and innovative educational service to help you manage volatile energy markets. View more information.

You'll have access to exchange-for-physical (EFP) and over-the-counter (OTC) products. You’ll also receive expert energy market research, commentary and analysis delivered in multiple formats for your convenience. 

Our focused Energy Risk Management Program includes:
  • An individualized portfolio management approach
  • Commodity price risk management through futures, options or over-the-counter (OTC) contracts.
  • Daily basis quotes and weekly market inventories via email.
  • Market analysis and research delivered via email, webcast, video and more
  • Patronage paid to qualified participants
  • Quarterly fee for consultation 
  • The option to benefit from our proven six-month educational program for retail leaders and board members
Contact us today to get started managing your energy risk to help grow your business.