Our expertise

We offer expert market intelligence, proven price risk management programs and innovative educational services supported by insight built over nearly three decades of market analyses. 

Dedicated energy markets team provides ongoing market analysis and delivers customized marketing strategies that address areas such as inventory and position price risk management, business growth and market share. They also pull industry insights from parent company, CHS Inc., the nation’s leading cooperative refiner and major renewable fuels marketer. 

Experienced advisers offer customized consultation for commercial fertilizer dealers and retailers with special emphasis on inventory and risk transfer strategies. Includes valuable insights from a crop nutrients distribution system serving North America’s largest dealer network and sourcing product from 19 countries.

Grains & Oilseeds
Executive-level counsel, brokerage services and educational programs for grain and livestock producers, as well as commercial agribusinesses. Expertise includes perspective from a global food-ingredients processor and marketer of more than 2 billion bushels of grains and oilseeds annually. 

Livestock & Dairy
Individualized consulting, brokerage services and educational programs for farmers, ranchers and commercial enterprises in the meat, dairy and poultry businesses. Industry expertise includes unique insights from the connected CHS service centers and animal nutrition operations serving producers and ranchers across the United States.  

Metals & Currency
Our research group supplements their market insights with intelligence from affiliated CHS Capital, a financial services firm providing products and services to agricultural producers and their suppliers.

Soft Commodities
Market activity in the so-called “soft” commodities of coffee, cocoa, sugar, cotton and orange juice are increasingly of interest to anyone looking to understand the full scope of commodity markets activity and impact.